The creation of EVOLUTIVA Sociedad Anónima was promoted by partner Carolina S.M. Larrazábal, who since her graduation as a public accountant of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the National University of Entre Ríos 2002, has worked in the area of ​​Health, specializing throughout her career at postgraduate levels in the field.

The desire of the founding partner has always been to take a step further in questions of Research, Projects and Investments related to Human Health, as a result, in 2011 began the constitution of the joint-stock company together with the Pharmacist Gustavo Anibal Samojeden Alsina, graduated with medal of Honor from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Chemistry of the UBA and Gold Medal of the College of Pharmacists and Biochemists of the Federal Capital, who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 1988.

The partners of EVOLUTIVA have held management positions in important companies related to health both in the country and abroad, that is to say in clinics, sanatoriums, laboratories and in companies of the pharmaceutical industry.

C.P.N. Carolina S.M. Larrazábal
C.P.N. Carolina S.M. Larrazábal
Farmacéutico Gustavo Aníbal Samojeden Alsina
Farmacéutico Gustavo Aníbal Samojeden Alsina
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EVOLUTIVA aspires to be an innovative company, pioneer in meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical, food and health care industry. Its main goal is to be a “satellite company“ for mentioned important industries, thus serving niche markets of companies on constant expansion and with specific needs.

The target of each endeavor is to improve the production of the private sector vias the technological innovation.


Innovation means change.

Needs transform as time goes by for society as for industry, thus companies must get ahead of those transformations.

To Innovate is to improve what is already running, is to search for alternative ways to overtake what is stablished, thus being products, services or production industrial processes within a company.

Thus given the background, it is necessary to put technological Innovation on agenda, a very stressed concept nowadays which entail much more aspects than what commonly can we think of at a first go, not only including those related to technology.

Concluding, an innovative Company must be capable of renewing its products or services including its own productions processes. Therefore, in order to help the need for Innovation is that Evolutiva S.A. is ready to assist whichever Project may be the case or interested Company.