R+D+i: Research, Development and Innovation

EVOLUTIVA S.A. is a company dedicated to developing research projects and technological innovation.

The creation of EVOLUTIVA S.A. aims to take another step in research, projects and investments related to human health in the field of science.

In EVOLUTIVA we want to be an innovative company, a pioneer in serving the needs of the pharmaceutical, food and health care industries. Our greatest achievement is to be a “satellite” company for these important industries, serving niche markets of companies in constant expansion and with specific needs.

The objective of each development is to improve the productivity of the private sector through technological innovation.

Part of Evolutiva’s work is to find a financial assistance line. (“tools” such as FONTAR, suitable for the objective project).
FONTAR aims to improve the productivity of the private sector through technology innovation.

In our commercial activity we apply to the purchase and sale of wholesale and retail health products such as:

    • medical equipment.
    • apparatus.
    • materials.
    • articles or systems of use or medical, dental or laboratory application.

all of them intended for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation or contraception.

Further more:

    • supplies, textiles.
    • furniture and disposable materials for hospital use.
    • food products.
    • import and export operations of the goods and services mentioned.
Polo científico y tecnológico
Polo científico y tecnológico

Our history, certifications and associations.

COLD HEADS EVOLUTIVA makes a strategic alliance with an outstanding team of engineers and incorporates in its offer of services the sale of refrigeration equipment for nuclear magnetic resonators. – Cold Heads –

From 2016 onwards
EVOLUTIVA has advised and developed technological innovation projects for third parties.


Special mention to the own project “New aqueous method of production of alkaloid extract for oncological medication of low environmental impact”.


La Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica, mediante l Fondo Tecnológico Nacional – FONTAR- nos ha  aprobado el proyecto formulado para la empresa ERIOIMAGEN S.A., denominado:

“Solución Tecnológica para la desactivación de principios activos, limpieza y liberación de partículas de prendas utilizadas en  la industria farnacéutca”.Para ver la presentación, tenga a bien hacer click en el siguiente link:




INNOVAR – National Innovation Competition
Organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Nation, we obtained the first place in the Phytomedicine category for the own project “New Aqueous Method of Production of Alkaloid Extract for oncological medication, of low environmental impact”. See more


FONTAR – Argentine Technological Fund.
Favored with an NRCD – Non-refundable contribution for the development of a project of its own –“Pilot-scale development of a non-traditional crop – VINCA – used in the production of exportable oncological medication”.

The National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion (ANPCyT) supports, through the Argentine Technological Fund (FONTAR), projects aimed at improving the productivity of the private sector through technological innovation..




FONTAR – Argentine Technological Fund.
Obtaining a loan for the development of an own project called “Technological solution for the deactivation of active ingredients, cleaning and release of garment particles used in the pharmaceutical industry”.


The call for the annual “Dionision Villamonte” award was declared of scientific interest by the Parana HCD.

The measure was taken through Decree HCD No. 05, sanctioned in March 2009 and highlights the contribution of the call from the contributions that the participants may make on the subject “Value chains in entrerriana production”.

The Honorable Deliberative Council of the Municipality of Paraná declared “of scientific interest and for the productive orientation the announcement of the 2010 Dionisio Villamonte Annual Research Award” whose theme this time is “Value chains in entrerriana production”.

In the recitals of the measure, it is recognized that the works that intervene in the call would have to contribute significantly – based on the topic addressed – to guide Programs, projects and specific actions, for example, give guidance to microcredits or offer greater support and encouragement to productive ventures.

The contest did not achieve research projects selected by the jury, the work presented by AVANT Gestión de Calidad is published below.

Value Chain Large Achievements on Small Scales



The 2009 SME Award, organized by the Clarín Pymes Magazine, the PyME Observatory Foundation and the University of Bologna Representación in Buenos Aires, distinguished the Entrerriana FLECHA company with the FIRST PRIZE in the category Management and Technological Innovation Plans in December 2009 SISTEMAS MEDICOS SA

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